Arcade Love Tester for iPhone and iPod Touch

The Arcade Love Tester brings that old school coin-op arcade feel to the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch. The Arcade Love Tester tells you where you rate on the love scale by lighting up and revealing your love level. Are you "Uncontrollable" or are you "Clammy"?

Why wait to find out? Get The Arcade Love Tester for your iPhone or iPod Touch Today!

Note From The Developers
The Arcade Love Tester has been acquired by MOBENT. We are actively seeking feedback on how we can enhance our applications for our users. Please feel free to contact us, We look forward to hearing from you.
What's New In This Version?
  • Added: Arcade style sounds to enhance user experience.
  • Fixed: Holding down the "start" button no longer stalls the application.
  • Fixed: Slight paused in animation before final scale light is activated.
  • Removed: "About" was removed screen to reduce application size.
  • Updated: Complete graphical redesign.
  • Updated: Text is now easier to read.
  • Updated: Changed icon to reflect new application design.
System Requirements & Compatibility
  • Apple® iPhone® 2G
  • Apple® iPhone® 3G
  • Apple® iPhone® 3Gs
  • Apple® iPod® touch™
  • Palm® Pre™: Coming Soon